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stranded, no help: From Tennessee,but currently stranded in Georgia...have no clue where or who turn to for

From Tennessee,but currently stranded in Georgia...have no clue where or who turn to for advice, help, resources, etc on how to get back home. Have no one able to ask for help. I originally planned on putting back a little money at a time until I could afford to go home, but i still haven't made any progress months later...I barely am able to make ends meet supporting myself from week to week. Don't have anyone to help here in GA,and have had no luck at all finding someone who could provide answers, advice, resources, helpful info,etc.... I'm officially at a complete loss which way to go from here. Id be very grateful for help in any way at all. Thanx...God bless!☺
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Please help! My fiancé traveled to Benin on business deal and got mixed up with some

Please help! My fiancé traveled to Benin on business deal and got mixed up with some unsavory people. The government over there confiscated everything when the deal went sour. He has nothing left and I don't have any money to help him get home. I have been sending small amounts to keep him from starving but am at wits end about what to do next. Can anyone please help? I'm begging you please.
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I'm stranded inChicago. I need to get back to Texas, and can't find any help at all.o

I'm stranded inChicago. I need to get back to Texas, and can't find any help at all.o
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Im stranded in savannah georgia , im 15 and im trying to get back to san antonio texas i

Im stranded in savannah georgia , im 15 and im trying to get back to san antonio texas i have no money
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stranded: I am stranded in Richmond via. I from Ohio.I have my dog with me I have to stay in

I am stranded in Richmond via. I from Ohio.I have my dog with me I have to stay in Richmond til the 15 th .I can't pay for room at the red roof in on Williamsburg rd anymore gonna be homeless with dog Tuesday. I inn room 344 if any one can help.its in sandston via.please help us.please what would Jesus do.
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Stuck in Naples Florida with a three year old. I'm 21 living on the streets clean and

Stuck in Naples Florida with a three year old. I'm 21 living on the streets clean and sober can take drug test stuck and need a way home. If you can help please do if not its understandable I just don't know what else to do
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I'm stranded in Joplin mo and need to get a ride to puxico mo or Knoxville tn

I'm stranded in Joplin mo and need to get a ride to puxico mo or Knoxville tn
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Need a ride back to Florida from Missouri

Need a ride back to Florida from Missouri
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I am stranded in Denton Maryland, and my home is in Massachusetts, please someone help me,

I am stranded in Denton Maryland, and my home is in Massachusetts, please someone help me, i have no way home, and no where to go.
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My fiance traveled to Nigeria on a job and while there got robbed of all his

My fiance traveled to Nigeria on a job and while there got robbed of all his identification and money. He can find no one to help get him back to the U.S. and I don't have the money. He can't get a new passport, so he can't prove his citizenship or status. What can he do to get home? He has been over there since last July 2011. Please help!
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bus ticket

im homeless out here in greenville scneed a bus ticket to saint petersburg fla
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blog entry #1

lost job. went to visit sick mom 1800 miles away. broke down. wife and son at home and about to have a baby girl in 2 to 3 weeks. need financial help to mend car good enough to get back home. in dire need of real support. im reaching out on a limb hoping and praying for a miricl. god bless you all
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Hoover, Alabama Listing Of Places Offering Transportation Services For Low Income

3521 7th Avenue South
324.9822 Confidential Help Line 324.9308.
Transportation for HIV-positive persons.


1819 Morris Avenue


205 32nd Street South

Transportation for HIV-positive persons.
Must have written documentation of positive HIV or AIDS.

Central Station
1735 Morris Avenue

VIP Disability Program. Provides FREE transit on fixed routes for qualified disabled passengers.

North - South, East - West, City Center Route
Marked pick-ups on
20th Street • 2nd & 5th Avenue North • 7th & 8th Avenue South.

618 19th Street North

1323 7th Avenue North
252.HOPE (4673)
Teens (13-21)
Transportation for homeless, runaways and at-risk youth to specific destinations.



978.1000 or 1.800.543.7143
Transportation to medical appointments
For children birth -18 years.
No income requirement.

2130 11th Avenue North

Work transportation for residents (fee).

3600 8th Avenue South
Stranded/displaced travelers, medical appointments for low-income residents, domestic violence (with Referral from safe shelter).

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About tambo

Hello , my name is Tammy I am with my son his wife  and my three grandchildren in Nashville . We came up here on the promise of work and the work was a lie . We are trying to come up with money to get back home to Oklahoma . If there is any one that can help I will be forever grateful . Please any one that can or know`s what I can do. Thank you, Tammy p.s. my email is

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About tezpat


I am desperately in need of help. I travelled abroad with a guy I thought I was in love with. Once I got here he took all my money and my documents. I am now stranged with no way to get home. I am looking for help getting my passport replaced and a plan ticket home. Any thing you can donate will greatly appreciated. I am so home sick and I want to get away from this guy. I tried the local police but they wont help, they are saying its domestic. Someone anyone help!

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My name is Matt and I am a 50 year old man with relapsing MS. I have once again lost a job due to problems with this disease. I have recovered thank God but now I am faced with the realization that my job prospects are limited due to not having transportation of my own. I have tried everything I can think of to get back to work but now I have run out of funds and things are looking very bleak. I fear the worst which is homelessness. If anyone can help me in anyway I would be most grateful.
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About ickpick

I'm an Australian girl who moved to the UK with my (now ex) partner when I was 22. We split up and I was left to fend for myself in the UK without any means to get back to Australia... I've had a job since I first arrived in the UK, and maintained being employed here for almost 3 years now continuously. 

I now find myself both alone (my partner has removed me from the house and is seeing someone else), unemployed, unable to claim benefits / social security because I am Australian. I have the equivalent of £10 / $20 left to my name, and no one will employ me (although I have experience, references and qualifications) because I only have 4 months left on my visa - they do not see it as viable to employ me for such a short period of time.

I found out last week that I am pregnant to a guy I have been seeing. He cannot support me, he is only 19, does not have a job, and lives in an area of the UK with high unemployment, and doesn't have the money to move somewhere else in the UK where he might be more likely to get a job as he only gets £90 a fortnight from benefits.

Basically, I just want to get home. Ideally, I would like the father of the baby to come too although he would need a visa. I need £650 for a flight to get me alone home. He would need £660 for the visa and again £650 for his flight.

I also have all my possessions here and no money to pack them / move them to Australia however I am keen to sell as much as I can. I've been trying to sell anything of any worth (cosmetics, perfume, jewellry - I don't have much valuable things) on Ebay and stuff but it's not having great results.

My parents don't have the money to help us, nor do his, and at the end of the day I just want to go home so I can have the baby. I want him to come desperately however we've already agreed that maybe he can come later and just I go home for now, but either way I need to get some way to get home before May else I will be deported and will be over 5 months pregnant by May.

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7/22/07 Another GREAT link from ELAINE!!!


From their site:

"In the 21st Century, more people are traveling than ever before. Many are tethered to their support systems via credit cards, debit cards, cell phones or calling cards. An interruption to their travels is an inconvenience, but with money to spend and a reassuring call back home they can make the best of it. Such is not the case with people who live on the financial edge or when crime robs them of their identity and their resources. Traveling can be stressful under the best of circumstances, but an interrupted trip or an emergency is a crisis for the people involved, and Travelers Aid is there to help. Travelers Aid is most visible in transportation centers-the nation's busiest airports, as well as bus and train stations-where each year four million people seek information or assistance. Every situation is unique: A diabetic person has an unanticipated delay in his journey and realizes he needs medicine; a pre-paid phone card from Travelers Aid enables a teenager to contact her parents; a woman who can't speak English turns to Travelers Aid for help in contacting her family. Travelers Aid volunteers-more than 2400-provide reassurance as well as the information necessary for travelers to make informed decisions. Travelers Aid assists elderly and disabled persons, and anyone who needs extra attention to make their connections.

Professional Skills and Urban Connections

When persons become stranded, professional counselors step in to offer assistance. They engage the client and his or her family in the process of developing a plan that brings an end to the crisis and ensures a safe return "home." Travelers Aid has earned its motto of a "helping hand along the way." Travelers Aid began in the nation's largest cities and at its busiest crossroads. Primarily an urban phenomenon, Travelers Aid today serves metropolitan areas with a total population of 110 million. Travelers Aid is part of the fabric of social service agencies that respond to the needy. Homeless, and others, who feel disconnected in their own community, reach out to Travelers Aid. Whether through a local network referral process, or with specific programs geared to provide shelter and food, or training and support, Travelers Aid helps clients make the transition from crisis to independence. Examples include helping victims of domestic violence escape the trauma and get to a safe environment, aiding newly employed workers with local transit tickets, providing transitional housing, and serving as an advocate to ensure the needy get the services they require.

A Continuing Benefit

Travelers Aid has a rich history spanning three centuries, and diverse programming designed to meet the needs of stranded and disconnected people in each of its member communities. Although modes of transportation have changed over the years, the needs of travelers and disconnected persons have not. Today, mobility is crucial to the economy and to the American spirit of freedom and independence. The complexities of modern life make Travelers Aid more valuable today-and for more people-than when it first began.Travelers Aid International, based in Washington, D.C. is the national association for Travelers Aid agencies across the country. Supporting the Travelers Aid mission, TAI provides a myriad of services and assistance to member organizations in local communities nationwide, and also directly administers local programs. Travelers Aid International supports and assists its members by:

  • Encouraging corporate support for local program needs
  • Monitoring legislation
  • Providing educational opportunities for program staff
  • Enhancing information exchange through newsletters, and the Web site
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Supporting the establishment of new Travelers Aid programs
  • Standards for inter-city transportation
An active Board of Directors is drawn from member agencies, corporations, transportation-related organizations and associations, and those concerned with the provision of social services. TAI staff and the Board work together to safeguard and expand our core objective of directly aiding those disconnected from their support systems, in crisis, or in transition"
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Hopeless in Florida,it's a miserable situation.

 I've become disabled and not working.Although I do have money coming from a lawsuit,it's not because of my disability,and it may take weeks or even months before I see a penny on that.However, my disability is due to a hernia,and because its not considered an emergency,I have to be put on a waiting lisit to see doctors and go to surgery,which is going to take a while,because I have no money.I have no way of making any money, and have no family to speak of.

     My main situation is this,which I believe hinders my ability to do better then I am.I've traveled thousands(1000s) of miles since  Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,Louisiana last year.The Federal Emergency Management Association(FEMA) flew me from Louisiana to Phoenix,Arizona where I stayed for a while. But I decided to move,which finally landed me in Pompano Beach,Florida and where I'm currently holding on.The problem is ,I am stuck. No money.No job.No friends or family.And I'm disabled.

   If you could, and would like to help me-out, you can write or e-mail me with any information or help that you can give .My address is :

                                         R.J.Thibeaux,P.O.Box 667121,Pompano Beach ,Florida 33066



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Hi I am a 28 year old single mom of three kids. My pity story is I came out to Arizona almost 2 months ago. My kids grandfather(loser) promised to "help" me.  Well we got here and nothing.  He dumps us on a lady who I didn't even know.    My car broke down after I got here. So here I am with no car, no home.  I can;t get a job out here or anything.  I am just trying to get back home where I will have a home and a job.  I am not asking for cash, I am asking for train tickets for my children and me.  I am trying to get back to Connecticut.  The tickets are about $400 for all of us.

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